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Your complete, hands off, effective Marijuana SEO solution

For those who are serious about growing their cannabis business.

Hi. My name is Sean, and I’ll make this super simple:

Higher rankings = more organic traffic from Google.

More organic traffic for your site = more money.

I probably don’t have to convince you that SEO is probably the best long-term investment you can make for your business, so I won’t.

Instead, let me tell you why our StrainRANK system is the only search engine optimization solution your business needs.

There are a lot of other Marijuana SEO agencies out there that try to sell you on social media marketing, web design, and advertising for your cannabis business.

At, all we do is rank sites. No distractions, no trying to upsell you on a million things–just a small, dedicated, US-based team using a special system designed specifically to rank your cannabis business in the search engine results.

StrainRANK was originally developed to rank my own cannabis sites. When you work with me, you’re not getting a bunch of theory from SEO bloggers that only sell information. No, you’re getting access to the same powerful methods that I actually use myself, for my own sites.

The truth is the StrainRANK system just works. You can be sure I’m using the latest and greatest SEO strategies, constantly testing and experimenting, to make sure my own sites continue to rank well. Period.

How the StrainRANK system works.

1. We build up your brand.

Building authority and trust is the single-most important thing you can do to rank well in Google. Getting backlinks is how this is accomplished.

Having a strong, authoritative brand also helps to mitigate the risk of getting penalized for any future algorithm updates (not to mention, building a brand is simply a solid marketing tactic).

With this in mind, our StrainRANK system begins with building your brand. We use real social signals, real press releases, and a specific link building campaign to increase your brand’s trust and authority.

We build powerful links.

We have a relationship with many websites where we can product quality content linking back to your site. It’s (relatively) safe, natural, and very powerful.

We also own a network of niche-relevant sites that we use like a scalpel to help rank our sites.

What this means for you: every month we’ll build a combination of backlinks on general editorial sites, our networks, and sites found through competitor research to make sure your site becomes an unstoppable authority, a ranking machine.

2. We optimize your site.

What’s the point of doing SEO to a site that is unoptimized, that is actively working against our link building efforts?

Answer: there’s no point.

So we do an audit of every site and show you exactly what needs fixing (and how to fix it). When we’re done, you’ll have a site that Google will love crawling.

This ultra-important step is often-overlooked by other agencies, but we make it a priority. It’s the first thing we’ll do when you sign-on with us.

3. We get your site big links

These days, your site’s traffic lives and dies by the links you earn.

When it comes to links, we don’t mess around. We build:

  • safe links from super-high authority sites
  • hard to get links from the biggest industry publications
  • strong content that gets picked up by many news sites for redistribution.

Obviously I’m not going to go into the specifics publicly. All you need to know is that we get that big links built.

You CAN Have it All

With, you’ll be working with SEO experts who are passionate about the marijuana industry.

Watch your site climb in the search engine results, overtaking your competitors. All you have to do is: nothing. The StrainRANK service is completely hands off for you. We do all the research, writing unique content, building links, and tracking keywords. So you can stay focused on what you best: running your business.

Choose the plan below that best meets your needs.

Not sure which one would work best? Drop us a message over at the contact page.


For easy to moderately competitive niches. Includes:
A robust brand-building campaign
Powerful editorial/contextual links
Cannabis-industry directory and editorial links
A thorough on-page SEO audit
Perfect for most businesses
For serious businesses in competitive niches. Includes:
A powerful brand-building campaign
Top-tier editorial/contextual links
Premium cannabis-industry directory and editorial links
A complete on-page SEO audit
Ongoing link outreach/guest posts

Are you a dispensary that needs to rank locally? Check out our Dispensary SEO service.

Do you need enterprise level SEO? Reach out to me here and let’s discuss how we can help.